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Ronald L. Shimek, Ph.D.


Nano-Animals, Part I: Rotifers



Science Notes & News


Science Notes & News

Life Styles of the Small and Minute: Some Consequences of Tininess

Science Notes & News

The Life and Death of Sea Pens

Waste Extraction, The Invertebrate Way

Science Notes & News

Faunal Extinctions and Coral Reefs;
What Can Hobbyists Do?

Identification and Husbandry of Aquarium Sponges

Sponges: A Bunch of Holes Held Together by Some Cells

Science Notes & News

Dem Bones...

Beautiful, but Unwelcome;
Aeolid Nudibranchs in the Reef Aquarium

Science Notes & News

"Okay, Clamrades, the Meeting Will Come to Order..."

Science Notes & News

An Announcement of a New Aquarium System

Tunicates or Sea Squirts: A Wet Link

Science Notes & News

ReefSlides - Shrimp Shebang!


Science Notes & News

Why Are There So Many Kinds Of Reef Animals?

Snails That Worm Their Way Into Tanks

Science Notes & News


Echinoderms in Aquaria…

The Meat Of The Matter

Echinoderms, Unique and Odd


Science Notes & News

ReefSlides - Commensalism & Mutualism Explored

You Can't Tell Your "Pods" Without A Program…

The Grazing Snails, Part III -
Conchs, Ceriths, Cowries, and Columbellids

Science Notes & News

The Grazing Snails, Part II -
Abalones, Limpets and Nerites

Live Rock As A Biological Filter: Hit or Myth?

ReefSlides - Carpet Anemones

Science Notes & News


10-oh-4, Good Buddy!!

Aquarium Possums - Mysids in the Aquarium

Science Notes & News

Tie A Yellow Ribbon (Worm) Around The Old Reef Rock...

Science Notes & News



Science Notes & News

ReefSlides - Five Thousand Feet And Counting,
Sea Stars In Aquaria

Sea Urchins, A Testy Subject


Oh, Bartender, I'll Have A Glass Of "Old Aggression" On The Rocks…

ReefSlides - Tridacna Tableau

Invertebrate Strippers

Invertebrate Differences

Science Notes & News


How Sand Beds REALLY Work

Building a DIY BS-o-meter

Science Notes & News

The Worms Crawl In…

The Large Worm Turns…

The Toxicity of Some Freshly Mixed Artificial Sea Water;
A Bad Beginning For A Reef Aquarium

Polychaete Annelid Identification, or
“You Can Always Tell A Bristle Worm…

Feeding The Reef Aquarium, A New Paradigm

White Spots on the Walls

Reef Aquaria as Ecosystems

And Along Came a Spider…


Down the Drain, Exports from Reef Aquaria

Featherless Duster Worms and Lamp Shells

ReefSlides - Rose Anemone Splitting Sequence

Coldwater Scorpaenids -
The Rockfishes of the Northeastern Pacific

Bitty Bugs: Copepods in the Reef Aquarium

A Message from the Editor

ReefSlides - Sea Slug Slideshow

Naked ...Gills on Snails

Our Coral Reef Aquaria –
Our Own Personal Experiments in the Effects of Trace Element Toxicity

ReefSlides - Whelk Attack

The Mollis Clans –
A Celebration of Molluscan Diversity

Things with Stings

Spaghetti and Hair Worms… What’s in a Name?

Pills, Parasites, and Predators;
Isopods in the Reef Aquarium

What We Put In The Water

We Owe A Lot To Brainless Dominance

It is Still in The Water

The Infamous Detritivores

It's (In) The Water

Odd Pods, Tanaids in Reef Aquaria

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