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Eric Borneman


Elegance Corals: Sustainability and Disease Impacting
Catalaphyllia jardinei (Wells 1971) in the Aquarium Trade


ReefSlides - Scolymia Showcase

Two Potential Molluscicides Useful Against Pest Aeolid
Nudibranchs Common on Species of Montipora in Aquariums

Applications of Sand in Reef Aquariums: Theory and Practice


Sea Salts, Part Two: The M.A.R.S.H. Salt Study

The Skeptical Aquarist

Science Notes & News

Science Notes & News


The Collection, Holding, Shipping and Transport of Coral Reef Organisms,
Part 2: Collection Issues

The Holding, Shipping and Transport of Corals, Part 1:
Shipping and Transport

Science Notes & News

ReefSlides - Sarcophyton Smorgasbord

Science Notes & News

Good Lordhowensis!!

The Need To Breathe, Part 3: Real Tanks and Real Importance

The Need to Breathe, Part 2: Experimental Tanks

The Need to Breathe in Reef Tanks: Is it a Given Right?

ReefSlides - Encrusting Montipora Medley

Science Notes & News

Dinoflagellates - Predators, Pathogens, and Partners


The Old Becomes New, Yet Again: Sandbeds and Vodka - Part II

ReefSlides - Mushroom Mania

The Old Becomes New, Yet Again: Sandbeds and Vodka

ReefSlides - Astounding Acanthastrea

Science Notes & News

Is It Time to Sell Your SUV? A Tale of Coral Reef Decline

Science Notes & News

Coral Culture for Disease Research and Reef Restoration

ReefSlides - Those Gorgeous Gorgonians!

It's a Small World, After All

ReefSlides - If I Only Had A Brain...

The Elegance Coral Project

Science Notes & News

An "Insider's" Guide to Reef Aquaria

ReefSlides - Bevy of Blastomussa

Science Notes & News

Mything the Point, Part Three: Conclusion


Science Notes & News

Mything the Point: Part Two

Mything the Point: Part One

ReefSlides - That Rockin' Ricordea

Science Notes & News

Dual Media Review:
"Proceedings of the Ninth International Coral Reef Symposium,"
and "Ultimate Marine Aquariums"

Coral Disease at the Flower Gardens and Stetson Bank: A Report

Science Notes & News

Reproduction in Aquarium Corals: Part II.
Reports of Sexual Spawning in Captivity

ReefSlides - Foliose Montipora Species Growth Sequence

Science Notes & News

Reproduction in Aquarium Corals

The Food of Reefs, Part 7: Dissolved Nutrients

The Many Advantages of Blast Fishing
and a New Method of Coral Propagation

The Food of Reefs, Part 6: Particulate Organic Matter

Caribbean Corals Coming Soon?
The Drama and Tale of a Dominican Coral Farm

The Food of Reefs, Part 5: Bacteria


ReefSlides - Bleached Frogspawn Recovery Sequence

The Food of Reefs, Part 4: Zooplankton

ReefSlides - Rose Anemone Splitting Sequence

Venomous Corals: The Fire Corals

ReefSlides - Capnella Branchlet Dropping Sequence

The Food of Reefs, Part 3: Phytoplankton

Additional Commentary on Dyed Corals

From the Food of Reefs to the Food of Corals

Reef Food

Taxonomy in Aquarium Corals: Part 3 –
Everything Else – Soft Corals, Zoanthids, and Corallimorpharians

Bacterial Infections: A Response to Recent "Reef Notes" Columns

Taxonomy in the Reef Aquarium:
A Simplified Guide to Basic Level Identification

Need Help! Coral ID? Part I. Taxonomy of Stony Corals

The Coral Health and Disease Consortium

A Propensity to Interfere and the "Geology" of Coral Reef Aquariums

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