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Henry C. Schultz III


Anthias Imposters! - The Genus Pseudanthias, Part II

Anthias Imposters! - The Genus Pseudanthias, Part I

Redoing the Seafloor with Tile:
The Subfamily Malacanthinae, Part II

Redoing the Seafloor with Tile:
The Subfamily Malacanthinae, Part I

All Things Froggie!

Some Guys Like 'Em Big:
The Genus Plectropomus


Monkeys from the Underwater Jungle:
The Genus Anampses

Unicorns: More Than a Myth in Reef Aquariums;
The Genus Naso

Triggering a Response From Guests:
The Genus Xanthichthys

Everybody Sing Together!:
The Genus Coris

Swallowing One Victim at a Time:
The Genus Genicanthus

It’s Your Aquarium: Don’t Make That Snap Decision;
Be Fussy About Its Inhabitants: The Family Caesionidae


But They Don't Look Like a Rat with a Fuzzy Tail:
The Family Holocentridae

Friendly Damsels? It Can't be Possible!…
The Genus Chromis

Time to Quit Clownin' Around:
The Subfamily Amphiprioninae

The Fish Of Which Dreams (or Nightmares) Are Made:
The Genus Valenciennea"

…Four, Six, Eight, Who Do We Appreciate? Wrasses! Wrasses!
The Genus Pseudocheilinus

Is it a Comb or a Bristle (Surgeonfish)?
The Genus Ctenochaetus

Worms Not Found in the Sandbed:
The Genus Ptereleotris

You Silly Rabbit: The Genus Siganus

There's More to Pipes Than Just PVC:
The Genus Doryrhamphus and Other Pipefish

Identity Crisis – What’s My Name?
Paracanthurus hepatus

What a Darling Little Angel:
The Genus Centropyge

The Fairy Wrasses: Cirrhilabrus spp.


Scorpionfish: Masters of Camouflage

Let's Clown Around With More Gobies:
The Gobiodon Species

To Clean or Not to Clean:
Gobiosoma Species

The Leopards of the Reef

The Hawks of the Sea


Bet You'll Love These Bettas

Let’s Jaw About Jawfish

The Dottybacks

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