Top Ten Most Bizarre Behaviors You've Observed In Or Around Your Reef Tank...

10) Watching my "not-so-well-known" neighbors scatter like cockroaches as I pull up to my house. Apparently, they just have to peek in the windows to see what the bright glow is, but don't have the nerve to just ask me. So, they run from my house when I drive up, like I didn't see them!
jmaneyapanda of Blue Ridge, GA

9) For some reason people think that a magnet is a new invention and something that needs to be examined as soon as the Mag-Float® is discovered on my tank.
jasert39 of PA

8) I often see this funny little man climbing up a step stool sticking his hand in the tank and then cursing furiously. He then climbs back down, looks at the tank and climbs back up and curses some more. This goes on for quite some time.
hoho19 of San Antonio, TX

7) If I stand in front of my reef tank and open my wallet, it's always empty.
shyland83 of Oakdale, Long Island

6) Watching my 6'5", 280 lb. friend act like a scared little girl when I hand-feed my large brittle star.
WedThursFri of Lincoln, NE

5) I got into an altercation with a friend and came home yelling about what had happened. After yelling for a few minutes, I noticed my Porcupine puffer excited, looking at me, all puffed-up and ready for action. It was like he was saying (implying), "Whatever is going down, I've got your back. I've got this tank held down!" I calmed down and went to the tank and told him it was okay. He chilled right out and went back to sleep.
reeferchickdc of Washington, D.C.

4) My reef tank has both the power to put my six-month-old nephew to sleep when he watches the tank and the power to keep me up late at night... strange paradox!
dpearly88 of Vermont

3) To follow in the trend of my number 3 entry from last month, the most bizarre thing noticed around my tank would be the violent arm flailing and uncontrolled bladder function following my experience as a human grounding probe.
Atticus of Davenport, Iowa

2) I had a Gorilla crab that I banned to the refugium turn up missing all its limbs, except one claw. I wasn't really sure how it happened, but he learned to get around pretty good. We named him Lt. Dan (after the Forrest Gump movie). When food hit the water, he would "gimp" or "limp" to it with considerable quickness. He lived for quite some time without us ever knowing what had made all his legs and one claw fall off. He became quite a novelty in my tank; everyone who came over asked about Lt. Dan. All the kids loved him and would always talk to him through the glass. Then, one day I arrived home to find Lt. Dan had lost his last claw. I later found the culprit - another Gorilla crab about twice his size! Oh well... survival of the fittest, I guess. I miss Lt. Dan...
rustybucket145 of Valdosta, GA

1) My two dogs think it's their job to inspect anything that is drip-acclimating. They'll stand and stare down into a bucket for hours, just watching a fish or hermit crab moving around.
SethSPST of Hawaii

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