Top Ten Unexpected Skills Learned from Reefkeeping... (Part II)

10) Don't adjust your calcium reactor while intoxicated!
TinyTanker of Central Austin

9) I've learned the skill of using Jedi mind tricks on my girlfriend - "That coral was there yesterday, baby! I haven't purchased a new animal in quite sometime!"
izzy_real of Bristol, TN

8) I've learned that changing dirty diapers isn't so bad and stinks far less than cleaning my skimmer's collection cup.
afelder of Tustin, CA

7) First skill learned: "smuggling" something HUGE into my house successfully without being noticed by my parents. Second skill learned: to be ready for all sorts of interrogations by anyone, at anytime and anywhere!
harryang90 of Penang, Malaysia

6) I have become a fairly good pitcher after geting mad and throwing my live rock, powerheads and heaters.
yellowslayer13 of Santa Monica, CA

5) I have learned how to clean up vast quantities of saltwater off the floor, and convince my parent's and the landlords that nothing's happened.
Fishkeeper101 of Santa Cruz

4) I have acquired the ability to launder my equipment and coral purchases through our checkbook without my wife finding out how much I actually spent!
reef_dude76 of Maryville, TN

3) After refusing to put in a GFI outlet, I can now jump start my wife's car on a cold Iowa morning with a single touch of my finger.
Atticus of Davenport, Iowa

2) I have learned give to my wife a science fiction explanation about why I had to buy that frag and she will be ok with it.
HPD Turbo of Unknown Whereabouts

1) I can juggle a 5-gallon jug on one knee, hold a siphon tube under my arm while starting a siphon with my mouth, while mopping up water with my other hand and all the while standing on the arm of the couch dodging the overhead ceiling fan with six T5 lights shining in my face and convincing my wife that our floors will be fine with 100 gallons of saltwater on them. I am thinking about joining the circus.
Dirt4dinner of Mesa, AZ

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