Top Ten Unexpected Skills You've Learned From Keeping A Reef Tank...

10) How to keep in a mouthful of dirty saltwater from priming my siphon without throwing up during a water change.
wayout440 of Berea, Ohio

9) How to do "magic" with money and make it quickly disappear.
supernareg of Glendale

8) I can now balance a 5-gallon bucket of water in one hand and start a syphon with other, all the while watching Reef Warriors on the Discovery Channel.
jnowell of Wichita Falls, TX

7) I've learned I have the fine motor skills of a brain surgeon from catching "pods" after shaking out my Chaetomorpha algae so I can return them to my refugium.
JonK of Lehigh Valley, PA

6) I can now test all my water parameters by taste and smell alone!
Letmegrow of St. Louis

5) I've earned two Doctoral degrees from keeping a saltwater aquarium in Biology and Chemistry, both of which were obtained from LFS University!
mkiely28 of Willow Grove

4) I've learned how to hold a blenny in your hand...
corals b 4 bills of the San Francisco Bay area

3) I've learned how to be the un-disputed king in a staring contest.
getoyute of Unknown Whereabouts

2) Thanks to a tricky top-off float switch, I can turn my shop vac from "dry" mode to "wet" mode inside of five seconds.
eweldon of Reno

1) The unexpected skill I learned from my tank was how to frizz my hair by keeping one hand in the tank and one foot in a puddle!
Glassmama of Unknown Whereabouts

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