International-Falls Reef Society (IRS)

We've been around a long time, and while many know about our club, most people seem to avoid it. It is the purpose of this article to help people appreciate the IRS and accept us with open arms. Understandably, there has been some confusion about our organization, which helps both the rich and the poor. No-one should feel overlooked; heck, we are always watching you so why not just accept your fate and become an active member?


When the club first formed, it got the backing of the most prestigious people of society. It was a great idea, one that has lasted decades. For a brief period in the 1980s, misunderstandings occurred and members (we like to call them agents) overstepped their authority and unfortunately alienated people in our area as well as those from afar. Our club's presidents are well-known, and can be found in our club's Membership Roster. Only one name was removed, due to legal entanglements, but the rest of our history is unblemished.

One the best parts of our club is the ability to track expenditures and earnings. If you want to know how much money this hobby costs, we have people that will categorize those expenditures, and even help you determine what you can and cannot afford. For those of you that feel overwhelmed, we'll help you establish a workable payment plan. And for those that are defaulting on their tank's needs, we've got a great support group that will set up a great garnishing system to make sure nothing falls behind again.


We have a very simple registration process. Once you log into our site, we ask that you make a mere 15% dues payment (based on your annual income less normal business expenses, and medical care of course) on or before April 15th. Usually there are long lines at the post office on that date, so we recommend you join up early. Paypal is an alternative method, from the comfort of your home.

Members joining our club.

Club Events

Club members gather for the normal activities. Besides our normal monthly meetings, we also have fun events like "Spreadsheet Workshops," "Planning for Expansion (Tank Upgrades)," "Investments & Asset Managment (rare coral and fish acquisitions)," and of course our summer BBQ event where we literally take shots at each other. Paintball, of course! It's all just simple fun between people that love to get together with the IRS.

IRS' Scott Fellman speaking to the club about financial
security. Let's face it, this hobby is expensive!


Our biggest meeting of the year is the F.R.A.G. meet. Fortunate Reefkeepers Advancing Growth is all about taking your membership to a whole new level. By investing time and effort into the organization, the IRS grows larger, and in turn the general populace benefits by our increased presence. We really believe that in time, we will be a nationwide club rather than a regional one. But these things take time - we know that - and that time is on our side.

Pay It Forward

The PIF program is simple. Think ahead and be prompt in your duties, and the IRS remains happy. We love our club and think you will to. With almost daily interaction, people feel that they are part of a process, and look forward to further advancements in our organization.

Great ideas come from one-on-one discussions.

The Future

Every year, our BOD looks closely at the byLAWs, making sure that everything is fair and evenly enforced. If any changes are needed, new codes are dreamt up and notifications are sent out to everyone on our membership roster. We feel that the benefits extended by the IRS give new hobbyists a great impression of our organization. We look forward to your membership too. {Your IP address has been logged. Any information tranmitted to and from your computer is liable for search and seizure, and may be used in a court of law. Legal disclaimers are required and will be attached to all future communications with the IRS.} Have a nice day.

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