Tank of the Month - September 2009


Check out this beautiful 210-gallon reef tank belonging to Hu Haiwei. Read more...


Check out the article for more information on this beautiful custom-made system. Read more...

Colorful SPS!

See how Hu created his colorful SPS garden full of healthy corals. Read more...

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September 2009

Building an Aquarium Stand by Alan Norris

Alan provides a detailed description of the fabrication of his custom-built aquarium stand. In this article, you'll learn about the techniques he used to construct this beautiful cabinetry. Read more...

Flatworms and Other "Bugs" That Make You See Red by Tom Murphy

In this month's Invertebrate Corner Tom Murphy takes a look at the infamous flatworm and discusses some techniques to control them.  Read more...

Tank of the Month by Hu Haiwei

This month we are featuring the 210-gallon beautiful mixed reef aquarium of Hu Haiwei. Learn how he has created this beautiful system.  Read more...

ReefSlides by Staff

Join us in this installment of ReefSlides, which consists of a compilation of Team RC's favorite photos. Read more...

Reefkeeping 101 by Paul Whitby, Ph.D.

This month Paul Whitby describes one of the most common pests you're likely to encounter in your quest to start a new reef tank and includes a discussion of their control. Read more...

Fish Profile by Paul Whitby, Ph.D.

This article presents a brief profile on the care and husbandry of Halichoeres melanurus, commonly known as the Hoeven's wrasse or Melanurus wrasse. Read more...

Upcoming Events by Staff

Get involved! Learn about some of the upcoming marine aquarium-related events happening around the country. Read more...

Reefkeeping's Top Ten by Reef Central Members

This month's Top Ten column focuses on the top ten lies you've told your boss to stay home and tend to your tank... Read more...

RC's Thread of the Month by Reef Central Members

Chingchai discusses the plans and progress of the construction of his ultimate dream system in his thread on Reef Central. Read more...