Top Ten Aquarium Related Nightmares That You've Had...

10) I had a nightmare last week that my puppy was getting eaten by a pack of bristle worms. It was very disturbing...more so because I don't HAVE a puppy...
Jessy. of San Diego, California

9) One word...babysitting...
cmc0814 of Moore, Oklahoma

8) That my fish would keep magically disappearing to feed my unwelcomed mantis shrimp. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a nightmare...
puffer21 of Regions, Unknown

7) I had a nightmare that someone broke into my house and tore down my aquarium and stole it, and took nothing else. Irrational but terrifying.
Gig 'em of Austin/College Station, Texas

6) One morning I wake up to the fact that my 35-years of keeping aquariums was really a dream... and I have a dog instead.
Norm R of Central Ohio

5) 50%-off all livestock at the local fish store, and I have two dollars in my pocket -- arghhhhhhhhhh...
Moonlightxpress of New York, New York

4) Having your 150-gallon tank spring a leak at the bottom seam at 11:30 at night and all you have to put your very large fish in is a 55 gallon tank. Go to bed at 4:30 a.m.only to have to go to work at 7:30 that morning.
Hoopty of Someplace, Wisconsin

3) Letting my 12-year old sit on a chair with iPod earbuds in his ears, holding the return end of the water change hose... while I pump 50-gallons of saltwater on the floor while he's not watching, completely oblivious.
mdvistnes of Palo Alto, California

2) Tank + Invertebrates + Fish + Corals + (Sea Apple/Powerhead) = Tank - Invertebrates - Fish - Corals
Fizz71 of Reading, Pennsylvania

1) My wife found my credit card statements.
Sgarron of New Jersey

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