Top Ten Best Things You Roped Your Non-Reef Friends Into Helping You With Your Reef...

10) One time I borrowed $50 for "food" because "I had none" and when my friend saw the new Flame Angel, I had to explain to him about live rock "hitchhikers."
Kraylen of Tempe, Arizona

9) "Hey man, you got ten minutes and feel like lifting 340 pounds???"
Capt_Cully of Syracuse, New York

8) Going down to the beach with six mates at 2:00 a.m. to collect sea water to perform an emergency water change.
r0cksteady of Melbourne, Australia

7) After asking my carpenter friend to build me a tank, I told him that if he did a great job I could get others to pay him to build their stands. He ended up spending his own money on the materials.
kingfox of Apopka, Florida

6) Convinced my friends to go to the Baltimore aquarium with me because I said I wanted to see the Dolphin show...which we never actually made it to because I couldn't pry myself from the reef tanks.
Annarae of Blacksburg, Virginia

5) I invited my tanksitter over for a wine and cheese AND a one-day 50 percent water change on my 54-gallon / 30-gallon sump system - a chemical imbalance, and overdue water changes. I had water buckets everywhere, and she flew between stairs (basement sump) and shoved buckets under the siphon upstairs and moved pumps like a trooper. My reef profited from this drastic move: my tanksitter got wine and cheese AFTER the buckets were all empty and the tank was running nicely. By then we could both benefit... I had swallowed enough tank water restarting the siphon to believe that a little disinfectant might prove beneficial. Since I did not die, I conclude it was effective.
Sk8r of Spokane, Washington

4) Getting my biggest friends to help me move my 265-gallon tank through three rooms, and down the crazyest stair set ever. I just held the doors! LOL
circask8kr of Central Jersey

3) "Take these tweezers here and pull all of those little bristly orange worms out of this rock."
MisterTang of the D.C. Area

2) I had to convince a friend to come with me to the back of the airport to pick up some "rock" from Florida...
mkbtank of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1) "Just suck on the end of this tube to get the syphon started. Don't worry, our body has salt in it already."
Red Sea Purple Tang of Oak Creek, Wisconsin

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