Top Ten 'Accidents' That You Tried To Convince Your Significant Other Were Actually Intended And Beneficial...

10) "But darling... if that ballast hadn't ignited the carpet like that, we would have never known the smoke detector wasn't working."
DaveJ of Fort Worth, Texas

9) Flooding the carpeted spare bedroom was the quickest way to find the nice wood flooring that had been carpeted over.
Jay Fortay of Gainesville, Florida

8) Don't worry honey, the saltwater makes the wood floor look more rustic. I hear that is "in" right now.
Greggnyce of Bellport, New York

7) You overflowed your tank and said, "Well, I knew you really wanted to replace that carpet with tile anyway; carpet is just not 'In Style' any longer!"
Ducklabdad of Olive Branch, Mississippi

6) The rock slide happened for a reason. That reason just happened to be so that our old tank would crack, and we can now upgrade to a bigger and better tank.
Reefnewbster of Regions, Unknown

5) After neglecting the tank for weeks and getting overgrown with algae... "I needed to grow some food for the snails and critters or they would die, you don't want them to die do you?"
Fivesmallworlds of Circle Pines, Minnesota

4) Dropping the lighting arrangement into the tank is actually good for the water. It works the same as a UV sterilizer.
Cubman777 of Jacksonville, Florida

3) I flooded a good portion of the house when I left the RO/DI running overnight. After sucking up as much water as possible with the shampoo machine, I tried to convince her that the carpet never looked better. I have never seen her eyes roll back like that before!
Pneumatic of Lucas, Texas

2) She cries out: "Why is there water all over the living room floor??" In the back of my head, I'm thinking 'oh crap I didn't put the pump back on right...,' but my reply to her was: "I have to do a backflush on the pump and there was a juice stain... saltwater does wonders for stains!"
Faulkincanyon of Lubbock, Texas

1) Precipitation of calcium carbonate: "That snow storm? I did that to get us into the Christmas spirit..."
Coralmex of Guadalajara, Mexico

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