Top Ten Moments When You Knew It Was Time To Upgrade To A Larger Aquarium...

10) When my attorney told me my divorce was final.
Sloeber of Champaign, Illinois

9) You have to move your rocks around each day so the fish can swim in a different direction!
Ducklabdad of Olive Branch, Mississippi

8) When you start noticing that a particular snail made it from one corner of the tank to the opposite in less than ten minutes.
Zachofalltrades of a town in Connecticut

7) When you are stacking your corals on top of each other three, four, even five high just so you can rearrange the other corals that are already touching one another... of course, in a controlled panic because you can hear the warfare going on with each second ticking!
Bergzy of Orange County, California

6) When your wife leaves you alone at home to go on a two week cruise with her girlfriends.
emissary43 of Morgan Hill, California

5) When the line for the Cleaning Station your Cleaner Shrimp have set up is five fish deep.
DaveJ of Fort Worth, Texas

4) When I saw my snails line up to spell "Help!" in the sandbed.
Bkwudzjeep of Central Florida

3) Your fish have enough room to turn around by doing a three point turn about.
TinyTanker of Austin, Texas

2) When you're girl friend says, "We can put it on my credit card." :-D
Gordonious of Newark, Delaware

1) You've known it for months but all of the sudden the wife says "You need a bigger tank."
achillestang2002 of St. Charles, Missouri

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