Top 10 Reef Related Acronyms That Don't Exist, But Should...

10) LFSBS... Do you really have to ask?
Biomekanic of Eugene, OR

9) OTGCTG - Off To Go Clean The Glass
JessyCat77 of San Diego, CA

8) DEA - Don't Even Ask, as in: "How much has been spent on...", "What was I thinking when...", "The kid at the LFS (actual acronym) advised...", "What will it cost me to have...", or "What's the BEST skimmer for the money?" thread on Reef Central.
OCEAN SIZE of Regions Unknown

7) LFS - Losing Financial Security
Poorcollegereef of CLEMSON SC

6) NFK - Newbie Fish Killer, as in "that guy just bought a Naso Tang for his 55 gallon; he's an NFK."
Reefer Wannabe of Maryland Heights, MO

5) NSLFS - Not So Local Fish Store - That place you drive 45 minutes to go to, frequently enough that everybody that works there knows who you are, simply because your LFS is either outrageously expensive and/or run by morons.
Zachofalltrades of Connecticut

4) ROFLFMF - Roaming On Floor Looking For My Fish
Tech Diver of Concord, MA

3) NNCDTW - Need New Coral, Don't Tell Wife
Magdelan of Gananda, NY

2) RSWL - Reef Safe With Luck
SDguy of San Diego

1) WAF - Wife Approval Factor
Toddrtrex of Lombard, IL

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