For many, reefing is the one hobby that grabs hold of you with each passing day. A grasp that tightens each day with profound enjoyment, endless expectations and a greater sense of fulfillment of something new that is revealed with each awakening sunrise. For others, reefing has become a way of life, with everything revolving around their own personal biotope preserved in panels of glass in that special place in their home. But the enjoyment doesn’t end there. Photography and the ability to capture that special moment is an awe-inspiring means of sharing and preserving that which few words can often describe. 

The pairing of coral, fish and invertebrates in one photo tells a story all its own, one that is spoken without words, using only colors, shapes and imagination. Remember the first time you saw your Surgeonfish rest in an opportunistic Carpet anemone? Maybe it was the time that you witnessed an array of aquatic color combinations which made you sprint for your camera, or was it simply the time you witnessed a school of fish cruising by a stunning display of colorful corals in the background that made you smile. This month's Reef Slides captures those special moments, the ones you might have missed, and only hoped you’d see again.

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Many thanks to Mucho Reef, SDguy and JessyCat77 for their assistance with this project.
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