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About Us

My name is John Hollister (killingseed), president of the El Paso Marine Aquarium Society - ELPMAS.

Our club meets every other month (bi-monthly). Every meeting, we see new faces and our forum on Reef Central and has been growing as well. As we get more organized, each meeting is better than the last. More and more people are showing up, with some that are willing to host a meeting or demonstrate a product. My desire is that what we are doing will continue to draw in local hobbyists so that they too can benefit from the knowledge we share.

Below are some of the topics our club has addressed, and I personally look forward to more Do-It-Yourself demonstrations, fragging workshops and discussion of tank equipment as reefing technologies and equipment improve over time.

Meeting Topics

  • DIY MaxiJet Mods
  • Coral Fragging of Zoanthus sp. and Small Polyped Stonies
  • Watched Reef-Related Movies
  • DIY Fish Food
  • Demonstation & Discussion of Automatic Top Off systems, including Tunze’s and Aquahub’s
  • Kalk Stirring Units (in-depth discussion in the future)
  • Frag Trading - which occurs at every meeting
  • Coral Give-A-Ways - donated or discounted by both members and our local fish store

Future Plans

  • Take a Trip to Albuquerque aquarium
  • More Equipment Demonstrations
  • See an IMAX™ Reef-Related Movie

ELPMAS currently does not charge a membership fee, but may in the future to help cover some expenses for a website for our members and allow for a yearly club bash with lots of food and give-a-ways.

To whet your appetite, here is a thread with images from ELPMAS member tanks, and a video clip from one of our meetings.

For more information, please visit our club forum: ELPMAS.

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