Top Ten Reasons Why Reefkeepers Should Never Go On Vacation... (Part II)

10) They can't afford it!
nmbeg of Milwaukee, WI

9) Saltcreep from the sump will cause a short in one of the powerstrips, causing it to light the stand on fire, boil your fish and corals in the 75-gallon while the sump's pump continues to pump boiling water to your satellite 10-gallon tank and kills those fish also, then catch the wall on fire and have the water in the tank boil out and put out the fire and cause $120,000.00 in damage... all in a matter of 10 minutes!
jdmcivicek9 of 9°N, 108°W AKA Somewhere in Colorado

8) Because the last time I went on vacation my teenage son's friend that was watching the tank thought that milk was a good source of calcium.
newly salted of Jim Thorpe, PA

7) Ahhhhhh, sand and seawater between my toes, a sunburn, jetlag and a hangover - all expected things... unless you're standing in your living room!
tecoral of Here and There

6) Why spend money to go swim with the same things that are in your living room? Oh, wait! The trip to the sea is cheaper!
phil5613 of Wheaton, IL

5) Because when the tank sitter says your tank isn't making any noise, you start to realize that the cost of replacing your lost "LE" corals will be more than the vacation for a family of five to Disney for a week. Ask me how I know.
drouner of Lawrenceville, GA

4) The #1 reason? DIVORCE! Because your dang mother-in-law (who was watching your tank) thought the cute little Nemo needed half the container of food to keep "fit" and ended up killing Nemo, his friends and his home!!
RevHtree of Chattanooga, TN

3) I am paranoid enough that I am not doing everything right. How in the heck can I trust anybody else?
tabwyo of Riverton, Wyoming

2) The moment you leave your house, the Aqua Gremlins sneak in and have a wild party. They all get drunk on Kalkwasser and proceed to:

  • Scare your fish so they jump out
  • Push over the Hydnophora on your prized purple Acropora
  • Open the CO2 valve another turn
  • Chew on the temperature sensor so the controller thinks it's 68 degrees and turns on the heater
  • And lastly, shove a brittle star into your standpipe so your tank overflows, shorting out your entire electrical system so you get a welcome-back surprise when you return.

Peter Honig a.k.a Tech Diver of Concord, MA

1) You just might come home to your dog barking its head off at something in the corner, only to realize that a crab managed to get out and when your dog turns around you fall to the floor laughing because he has one of its claws stuck to his nose, and he can't get to it to pay him back! That's funny! I don't care who you are.
bigginapk of Mount Dora, FL

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