Top Ten Reef Purchases You Couldn't Sneak Past Your Spouse...

10) No, baby! I swear that fish has been in there the whole time!! You just never pay attention to ANYTHING I do!! Jeezzz!!
rustybucket145 of Valdosta, GA

9) It's hard to sneak ANYTHING past them when they can pronounce the scientific names of your inhabitants better than you can!
garvin90 of Blair, Nebraska

8) My wife caught my friend and I carrying in my new 150-gallon Tenecor tank on the day it was delivered. Good thing it was acrylic because the screams would have shattered glass!
Justin James of NS, Canada

7) The coral that I managed to get into my house, down the stairs and began drip acclimating that my Mom knocked over because I was acclimating it in the dark so no one would know I bought a coral.
cmondo of Delaware

6) My 130-inch, 350-gallon reef tank that took eight grown men, four hours and many failed attempts to get into my house...
11FootReefer of Albany, NY

5) Nothing! She sees my purple Pseudochromis (which likes to hide in the rocks) once or twice a month, and I have to explain to her it's the same one I've had for over a year now.
sedorusc of Auburn, NY

4) Is that an AquaStik in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
Coralmex of Guadalajara, Mexico

3) New Tank? What new tank? That's the one that was buried in the garage from two years ago. I just cleaned it up and brought it in the house.
angieg1123 of WI - WI Dells area

2) Despite the cheap cost of these items, my wife insisted on knowing why I came home with Mrs. Wages' pickling lime, a turkey baster and latex gloves.
magdelan of Gananda, NY

1) I can't sneak anything by him... anytime he sees me staring at the tank longer than usual after work, he automatically asks, "What's new?"
dreaminmel of Irondequoit, NY

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