Top Ten Things Your Fish Would Tell You If They Could Talk...

10) "We really think you need to get out of the house more often. You spend a lot of time just sitting there staring at us, and to be quite honest, we all find it a little creepy."
Leilani57 of Mooresville, NC

9) "Okay, nice vacation. Can I go home now?"
gaiking of Taunton, MA

8) "I don't CARE if its got the nutritional quality of cotton candy. GIMME SOME LIVE BRINE SHRIMP!!!"
Serk of Rowlett, TX

7) "You've been conned! The gold doubloons in this treasure chest are just plastic!"
The Kapenta Kid of Brussels

6) "Just because you put "her" in here doesn't mean we're going to be a mated pair, Mister!!!"
Stoller of Webster, NY

5) "Waiter, I'll have the copepods soaked in vitamins. The lady here will take the Mysis shrimp a la Fiji...."
"Umm, fish?" of Boulder, CO

4) "PLEASE, put on some clothes before you begin cleaning the tank!!"
cmc0814 of Norman, OK

3) "I don't have all these pretty colors for your benefit only. I'm a male! I want a girl fish in here with me... NOW!!"
glenc of Canberra, Australia

2) "Get your friggin' arm out of my friggin' tank! Do you think we had a giant hand coming down from the sky to re-arrange stuff on a daily basis when we were in the wild?"
cdangel0 of Delaware

1) "If you are going to take pictures of me, then at least get my good side!"
sdf_beanhead of Austin, Arkansas

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