Top Ten Reasons Why Fish Food Should Be Labeled Clearly...

10) Because no matter how much Cyclop-eeze looks like a frozen fruit bar, it just doesn't taste the same!
DaddyJax of Tampa, Florida

9) My nephew complained to my Mom that the "green juice tastes funny." A quick check revealed he drank the phytoplankton stored in the fridge!
Discustopia of Cambridge, ON

8) It doesn't matter how well-labeled fish food is. My two-year-old son will eat it anyway because he can't read.
danny zubot of Calgary

7) If the package says, "made with real shrimp," they should also add "NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION" so the wifes' don't cook with it!
HPD Turbo of Mexico

6) I found myself, Formula One in hand, asking my kids at dinner, "You want some sprinkles on that?"
crpeck of Memphis

5) There was a time when we would all make an entree for the family and, fortunately, it all came to an end. When my little sister prepared shrimp for dinner, we were not eating Jumbo on top of our pasta, but Hikari.
Brendan Galloway of Rockville, MD

4) All I know is that as soon as I dumped all my frozen food into a ziplock-bag at this law-firm I do tank maintenance for, it became the cool thing to dare people to try eating frozen cubes of bloodworms around the office. The funny thing is that a few of the attorneys actualy ate them... I guess they figured if anything went wrong, they could always sue Ocean Nutrition.
LSD_Zeppelin of Dana Point

3) Because you're lured in by the latest amazing food at your LFS that is supposedly 2000% better for your fish - harvested by Peruvian goat herders on a Sunday afternoon and more potent than the food you normally use and are not having any problems with. You spend a fortune buying this new food, and become all excited as you read the tiny small print that even your smallest damsel wouldn't be able to see. You think you've read it right, so you start taking pinches of this pink, sticky stuff, which is staining your fingers and floating nicely on top of the water's surface. Your fish look at you as though you've gone nuts, then look at the food which has now formed a nice scum on top of your water and around the tank's edge, and swim away in disgust! You later realise that it's a food additive, and that the food you feed them normally should be soaked in said pink stuff and left for an eternity whilst a chant by Gregorian monks is in progress. Only THEN do you add it to your tank!
goldfishbowl of the UK

2) Fish food should set forth a label - "On a scale of 1-10, this food registers a "_" in evidencing a propensity to cause the skimmer's bubble level to rise too much.
jnb of S.E. Florida

1) Because, for some reason, your girlfriend thought dried Cyclops looked just like Bacon Bits! Actually, they tasted more like anchovies! Too bad I didn't realize what happened until well after the meal when I noticed the container laying on the kitchen counter. Oh, well... if it's good enough for fish, it's good enough for me!
rustybucket145 of Valdosta, GA

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