February 2007

Hobbyists Advancing the Hobby, Part II: An Introduction to Project DIBS
by Brian Plankis

ReefSlides - Hermit Crabs
courtesy of Reef Central Members

"Frag" of the Month - Propagation of Colt and Organ Pipe Corals
by Greg Hiller

Tank of the Month
This month we are featuring Dessy Dietrich's beautiful reef aquarium.

Applications of Sand in Reef Aquariums: Theory and Practice
by Eric Borneman

Ammonia and the Reef Aquarium
by Randy Holmes-Farley, Ph. D.

TalkingReef Podcast
by Rob Weatherly

Science Notes & News
by our Science Editors & Staff

Top Ten "Worst Days" In Your Life As A Reefkeeper...
by Readers

Thread of the Month