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One thing many marine aquarists request is to see coral growth sequence images. This can be accomplished if the hobbyist takes the time to photograph specific corals each month in their tank. Ideally, the coral should be in a fixed location, and the photographer should capture the image under the same lighting and at the same angle each time as this is the best way to show how a coral has grown over time.

As you can see from the collection of photos above, this isn't always the case. Hobbyists choose to change their current lighting scheme or find themselves needing to reposition a coral for a variety of reasons, thus changing the perspective in their photographic documentation. Tracking the age of corals in a tank can be enlightening, helping the owner appreciate what can be accomplished over time when corals are provided with the right conditions.

Seeing how a coral matures can be quite fun, so grab your camera and start taking macro shots of your favorites. Every month or two, take more pictures. After a year's time, you'll be amazed at what has transpired, both in your tank and in your photo gallery.

Many thanks to Marc Levenson for his work on this project.
Text by Marc Levenson.
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