Top Ten Comments From Visitors Upon First Seeing Your Reef System...

10) They come into the room and see the tank mounted in the wall and shower you with, "Ooohhh!" and, "Ahhhh!" and, "That's amazing!" You then tell them to look in the room behind the aquarium. Once the blank look of absolute shock clears from their face, they simply ask, "Are you #!&?ing nuts?"
Brisc0 of Springfield, MO

9) COMMENT FROM THE KNOW IT ALL: "Oh yeah... I had one of these... mine was cool... I sank the Davy Jones right in the bottom. The goldfish loved it."
jeffltodd of Martinez, CA

8) $10,000 invested in a 125-gallon mixed reef, and all I hear is, "Oh look, a Nemo!"
ColinPopcorn of Nova Scotia, Canada

7) "Is that saltwater or freshwater?"
flamenco-t of Dallas-Ft Worth, TX

6) "My Uncle's hairdresser's horticolturist's sister's friend had a saltwater tank once. But it was too much work so she got rid of it."
Serk of Rowlett, TX

5) "Do you have to use saltwater in a saltwater aquarium?" (That was asked by an individual in IT with advanced degrees in engineering.)
geohauss of Charlotte, NC

4) "I bet you if I threw my Oscar in there he could kill all your fish."
Mishap of Pennsylvania

3) "Don't get me wrong... it does look nice and all. But wouldn't it be simpler and cheaper to just visit a fish store?"
ronert of Unknown Whereabouts

2) After they ask, "Doesn't a tank like this cost a lot of money?" - I hand over a Pabst Blue Ribbon and explain that we are having toast for dinner.
magdelan of Webster, NY

1) Forget those corals and fish... my bubble algae gets all the attention. And I quote, "Wow! Look at all those shiny marble-looking things in your tank."
pjpeels of Dallas, TX

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