Top Ten Reasons Why Reefkeeping While Drinking Is A Bad Idea...

10) You can't tell if your pump is actually on or if the corals are swaying because you are.
susanrosenfeld of Goleta, CA

9) Because after a 6-pack of beer, my Sexy shrimp actually starts to LOOK sexy.
Charlie97L of North Bethesda, MD

8) A white Russian is made with kalk, right?
ezhoops of Royal Oak, Michigan

7) Reefkeeping while drinking is a bad idea when your parents see you in a video called, "Nudie Reefers Gone Wild II."
zombiedust of Denver

6) Because Guiness and skimmate look an aweful lot alike, but they taste an ungodly amount different. Look before you drink!
KEstep of Amarillo, TX

5) Drinking while reefkeeping... like your wife would let you spend any money on booze after she saw the credit card bill from last month's reef spending!
chadscharf of Westminster, CO

4) You've ordered a diamond tipped drill bit so you can make your own reef-ready tanks. The bit arrives, and you successfully drill your first tank. To celebrate not cracking the tank, you have a few beers and sit back and admire your handiwork. Unfortunately, the drill is still nearby. You look at the drill. You look at a recently emptied beer bottle. You look at the drill again. Results - World's first Reef Ready Beer Bottle: click here.
Serk of Rowlett, TX

3) You only have to wake up once with a cute Foxface in bed with you to understand...
tekknoschtev of SCS, MI

2) Watching the wavemaker in the tank after a few beers can induce sea sickness.
Tahoe Ocean of South Lake Tahoe, CA

1) "Top off" can be interpreted in sooooo many ways!
chemisfun11 of Bellmore,NY.

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