Top Ten 'Best' Pieces Of Reef-Related Advice You've Been Given By A Non-Reefkeeper...

10) "Wouldn't it be a lot cheaper if you turned off all those lights and pumps when you were not around to watch your fish?"
Randall_James of Unknown Whereabouts

9) "I think that its possible to get a fish drunk by pouring beer into the tank. Oh no, I don't think it would kill them as long as you only use a small amount. Maybe like half a beer?"
gallivanmk of Charleston, SC

8) "So that's a 55-gallon reef tank, eh? You know what it needs???? A SHARK! They have one at the store in a smaller tank than yours! You should buy it. That would be COOL!"
Deb Colella of Southeastern PA

7) "Dude. Why not take up alcoholism? It'd be cheaper."
scotchy of Regina, Sask

6) "Just put one of those plecos in there.....your algae will be gone in no time."
bkwudzjeep of Central Florida

5) "Don't forget to wash and bake those rocks before you put them in your tank."
frozen up north of Canada

4) "There was a red tide last week and all these sand dollars were washed up on the beach. I brought you some for your aquarium!"
LTJGAlex of Jacksonville, FL

3) "You dont need timers. Just turn the lights on when you wake up and turn them off when you go to bed."
djian of Windsor, CO

2) "If you don't have an anenome for your clownfish, you should have gotten a clownfish with a hurt fin, so it would look more realistic to 'the movie.'"
Levi Ottwell of Edwardsville, IL

1) "Instant Ocean, what's this? I JUST bought a whole new can of Morton's Salt you could have used!"
Jigsaw of Unknown Whereabouts

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