Top Ten Ways To Get Your Spouse To Suggest That You Buy A Bigger Tank...

10) Those bigger tanks don't get that ugly brown stuff all over the glass!
jeffltodd of Martinez, CA

9) Just think honey, with a little bigger tank, we can keep whatever fish we want!
mwood of Winterset, IA

8) Honey, if we buy a bigger tank then that means the wrasse will stop chasing those cute little firefish you like so much.
spamin76 of Cincinnati, OH

7) I don't need to spend nearly as much time on a bigger tank... it practically takes care of itself!
jeffltodd of Martinez, CA

6) We should give our current tank to the kid for his birthday and purchase another for us.

5) Honey, did you know that tanks over 300 gallons will evaporate more water than my 135 gallon? That’ll increase the humidity in the house. Hence, it’ll take less energy to heat the house this winter, resulting in lower electricity and gas bills.
tiger_eyed1 of Conway, AR

4) With a larger tank, we can frag more of the rare SPS and sell them online and pay for the tank in no time! It will pay for itself!"
jgagel of Georgetown, KY

3) Said with a straight face - "If I had a 220 I could get some oysters and grow you beautiful pearls for a necklace...."
rwdandald of Corning, NY

2) Hmmm.. now what could we put in this room to take up about 72 by 18 inches that also provides light, is visually appealing, colorful and a focal point? Any ideas hun?
Aquatect of Maryland

1) It'll hide that stain on the wall and save us from having to re-decorate the whole room!
Alan Matheson of Scotland, UK

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