Top Ten Stupidest Questions Overheard In Your Local Fish Store...

10) How can you tell a salt water fish from a fresh water fish?
busybrunette of Saudi Arabia

9) Why is this salt so expensive? Why can't I just use table salt?
shylar of Guelph, Ontario

8) I was just wondering, will my Oscar kill that Tang if I put him in?
ikinne1 of unknown whereabouts

7) So to feed them I sprinkle a few of these flakes, right? How do I give them water?
olemos of Long Island, NY

6) If my fish is floating at the surface, does that mean he is dead or just sleeping?
jlbrew3 of Chicago, IL

5) How do I return the defective air pump I just bought here? Every time I reach in the tank to take it out, I get a shock!
Rhodophyta of a couple of miles from South Park Mall

4) Do I need a special tank for saltwater or can I use one from the freshwater section?
K9 of Ft. Lauderdale, FL

3) What can I do to lower my ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates in my 30g with a damnsel, three percs and a yellow tang?
jpfelix of Jefferson City, MO

2) Do you think this orange fish matches green carpet?
s1xtyfe3t of Fairlawn, OH

1) Do you use iodized or uniodized salt in a saltwater tank?
reddfish of Willamette Valley, Oregon

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