Top Ten Reasons Why You Love Your LFS...

10) The LFS sales person swears you're getting the deal of a lifetime, at only 200% mark-up instead of 300%.
laxchick008 of Austin, TX

9) I went to my LFS and saw a beautiful Ricordea rock with five blue polyps and was told that it was a frilly mushroom by both the two clerks and the manager. I bought it for $30.00. Love that place!
flake of Binghamton

8) The guy that works there who was, most definitely, some sort of reef fish in a former life.

7) I love my LFS because as bad off as I am . . . I am still ahead of them.
RJSorensen of Near Tin Cup, WY

6) Because no matter how much I think I need to learn, it reminds me that someone needs to learn more.
dick182 of Southern Ontario

5) Their corals are so expensive I can't afford them. This keeps me from spending all of my money and saves my marriage.
rlhbond of North Carolina

4) I love my LFS. Every time I buy a fish they give me free parasites.
Big Blue of San Jose, CA

3) They have a great stock of Aiptasia always on sale!
Carl_in_Florida of Delray Beach, Fl

2) Their employees make me feel smart!
Undergrad of Davis, CA

1) Because they always take my hard earned money with a smile.

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