Greetings, fellow reefkeepers. I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge several recent changes here at Reefkeeping Magazine. First, please extend a hearty welcome to our new columnist, Randy Holmes-Farley. Randy's contribution on all things related to reef chemistry is well known, and I'm thrilled to announce that he will be a regular contributor to the magazine with his new column, "Reef Alchemy." Welcome aboard, Randy!

There are also several new additions to our staff who deserve mention. Many thanks are extended to our two new webmasters, John Michael and Doug Otto for their efforts on various page-building projects. Just as the magazine would be nothing without the webmasters to build the pages, so would the magazine be lacking without editors to review, refine and help clarify our authors' thoughts. With this in mind, I'd also like to welcome Brian Retz to our editorial staff. Additionally, without some behind-the-scenes aid, some things wouldn't get done. I'd like to thank Dave Bayne and Simon Huntington for their ongoing assistance with several specialized research projects.

Skip Attix
Managing Editor

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