Top Ten Sales Pitches from the LFS...

10) Just dose this and all your problems will go away.
jetor of San Diego, California

9) Mandarins and small tangs can be kept in a 10 gallon tank, no problem.
Nagel of Hopatcong, NJ

8) Don't worry, this fish is completely reef safe.
Carlyle of Canon City, CO

7) Honestly, the more fish you put in your tank, the happier they'll be.
cryosphere of BC, Canada

6) Well... He's not THAT poisonous!
driver756 of Chattanooga, TN

5) Triggerfish get along great with all types of fish and corals.
MPA of the east coast of Florida

4) Trust me...
Creeper of Chester Springs, PA

3) That's an albino anemone, they're very rare in the ocean.
Agu of Venice, the one in Florida

2) Impossible to keep?! Who told you that? I've had one at home for over a month and it's doing great.
lllosingit of Des Moines Iowa

1) All dead corals, 50% off!
Jamesurq of Greensboro, NC

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