Top Ten Signs That You Need A Bigger Tank...

10) If one swipe of your magnet algae cleaner is enough to restock three LFS with frags.
rickhennis of Colorado

9) You just got your tax return.
smiller of Cedar Creek Lake, TX

8) Your weekly one gallon water change in your 125 gallon tank replaces 20% of the water volume in your setup.
C-FYMP of Ottawa, Canada

7) You can still see 10 inches of wall on each side of the tank.
wrightme43 of Bowling Green, KY

6) If you can't finish the amount of top-off water you have each time you do a top-off.
Habib of Holland (Europe)

5) You see hermit crabs changing back to smaller shells.
Sea Fish of South Florida

4) You can't see the bottom of the tank through all the frags.
Mako of Saint Petersburg, FL

3) Your fish are deliberatly taking the adventurous jouney over the overflow and down the standpipe to the less crowded sump.

2) Your clownfish begins swimming in circles pulling a sign that reads, "NO VACANCY."
lajohnston of Indianapolis, IN

1) You find a new thread in RC's Fish forum entitled "Help! Idiot Reekkeeper Has Us Packed In Here Like Pringles" and it sounds strangely familiar.
64Ivy of Greenwich, CT

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