Top Ten Ways To Sneak In Your New Purchase Without Your Spouse Knowing...

10) Have the store send your purchase with a card/note from the store owner that reads: please accept this gift as a token of our recognition for your patronage with us. Sincerely, the owner.
daghostryder of Maryland

9) Bring the catch of the day home in your lunch box.
GimmieFish of Claremont, CA.

8) Turn the lights out on the tank when you introduce your new arrival and tell your spouse that the metal halides blew the circuit yet again...

7) When she's in the room but hasn't seen it yet, exclaim "LOOK WHAT GREW OUT OF THAT ROCK!!!"

6) Spend several evenings in your shop cutting, glueing, and sanding various pieces of plastic prior to taking delivery of the new skimmer (or whatever). After delivery, emerge from the shop proudly displaying your new skimmer (removing manufacturers decals is highly recommended).
Agu of Venice, the one in Florida

5) Don't you remember? This was that sick looking coral that I brought down to the fish store a while ago so they could medicate it for me. See? All better now!

4) Give her a tank as a gift ! When you buy new things for the tank tell her you just want her tank to work well.
feedingfrenzy of San Antonio

3) Visit your LFS on the same night as your reef club meeting, and when you get home tell her you traded a little piece of Xenia for that 14 inch purple and blue table Acropora.
Mr_Quality of Owings Mills, MD

2) Buy as many supplies as you can at the home center, that way the charge card statement is void of mail-order and LFS purchases.
Mr_Quality of Owings Mills, MD

1) Honey, those little halides are much, much cheaper than those pricey fluorescent ones.
reeffears of New Orleans

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