Top Ten 'Reasons' To Add Just One More Fish To Your Tank...

10) When lined up at feeding time, there's at least one inch between fish #6 and fish #7.
M.Dandaneau of Clearwater, Florida

9) Because just one more won't hurt, right?.
kaiyokanman28 of Naperville, Illinois

8) You discovered a tang species you don't have!
smiller of Cedar Creek Lake, TX

7) Because... "I'm going for a species tank...EVERY species!"
kaiyokanman28 of Naperville, Illinois

6) You can still look past the fish and see the back of the tank.
Shoestring Reefer of Groton, CT

5) The fish only grow to the size of the tank so it shouldnt matter how many I have.
missy1101 of SE FL. Previously from RI

4) Because the lady from Tetra was able to get SO MANY fish into that one little tank....
skearse of New York

3) When you have done all the math, and after everything in your reef has reached adulthood and maximum size, you realize that you will still have two inches to spare in the water column.
Rich. W (sumpfinfishe) of Vancouver, Canada

2) Your clownfish pair are thinking of splitting up, so you want to add a tang-counselor.
cbohlman of Grand Forks, ND

1)Because your LFS said you could.
Aaron1100us of Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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