Top Ten Signs Your LFS is Clueless About Saltwater...

10) "Do we have sea cucumbers? We don't sell produce here, you might want to try the grocery store across the street..."
Andy Vlack (kaiyokanman28) of Aurora, Illinois

9) If you see a sign in their store that reads, “50% Off All Glass Anemones."
Dman of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

8) They sell you a purple tang for $4.99 because they thought it was a yellow tail damsel.
Nagel of Hopatcong, NJ

7) They use "Finding Nemo" as a new employee training video.
Mako of St. Petersburg, Fl

6) The tank set-ups just keep reminding you of that neat tank you saw in 'Finding Nemo.'
Andy Vlack (kaiyokanman28) of Aurora, Illinois

5) Your LFS hands you a saltshaker when you say you are starting a saltwater tank.
Scuba_Dave of South of Boston, Massachusetts

4) "This Eheim canister filter is all you’ll ever need."
Dman of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

3) They keep a cleaner wrasse in each tank to keep their fish nice and healthy.
Evergreen of Long Island, NY

2) The owner drives a car made by Tetra.
64Ivy of Greenwich, CT

1)LFS Sign Reads: "Super Sale! Our loss is your gain. 1/2 off on everything half dead!"
NorthCoast of Columbus, Ohio

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