Top Ten Things to Say to Cover Up Another Reef
Purchase to a Significant Other...

10) "What? A new animal in the tank? Let me tell you about asexual reproduction; it's really quite common among ocean animals."
JulieCL of Kansas City, Missouri

9) "I told you Honey, we need the new $1000 MH lighting setup so that those pretty little clownfish won't loose their color and die."
sumpfinfishe of Vancouver, Canada

8) From the ladies who own reef tanks..."Honey, if you let me buy that coral, I'll wear that red thing you like so much."
Andy Vlack (kaiyokanman28) of Aurora, Illinois

7) "For real, Honey. They said that since I'm such a good customer, I could HAVE this blue clam."
ginntonic74 of Trenton, New Jersey

6) "But Baby, this one is the nursery! Now that they've all grown up we need to get them a bigger home!"
dirk420 of Sacramento

5) "Honest, that 8" table acro colony didn't cost a thing, they traded me "even-steven" for some Xenia and a few zoanthids."
gregt of Tampa, FL.

4) "The stupid kid at the LFS thought it was a damsel and sold the angelfish to me for $3.99."
billsreef of Long Island, NY

3) "This is the LAST time, dear, I PROMISE..."
kaiyokanman28 of Aurora, Illinois

2) "Honest Honey, that's not a new coral, it just popped up out of the live rock."
Doug of Chicago Suburbs, IL.

1) "Well yes, these are all new corals. But the ones we have are all females. These right here are the males. And if it works out like it's supposed to on the next full moon, Babe, you and me are gonna make a fortune!!!"
64Ivy of Greenwich, CT

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