Greetings Reefkeeping readers. Today I'd like to open up the magazine to interested reefkeepers from around the world! With this issue we will begin offering translated articles from various foreign languages. Our initial offering is for the Finnish readers, but our long range goal is for select articles to be offered in Spanish, Italian, French and German. As articles become available they will be published to their respective sites, and the link to the page will be posted here. Our home page will also contain links to the foreign sites with the addition of the respective country's flag located at the bottom of the page.

If you are well-versed in one of the above mentioned languages and are interested in helping with this translation project, please contact me directly by email.

Welcome Finnish Reefkeepers!
(Tervetuloa Suomalaiset riutta-akvaario harrastajat!)

Skip Attix
Managing Editor

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