Top Ten Newbie Mistakes...

10) I'll just reach in here and grab that mantis shrimp...
kaiyokanman28 of Aurora, Illinois

9) Of course my tank is doing well - those little brown anemones my LFS sold me are spreading everywhere.
Kevin Kuykendall of Valencia, California

8) What do you mean I have to upgrade my lighting ? This is what they use at the LFS and their corals look great.
Agu Lukk of Venice, the one in Florida

7) Adding 20 new corals in week 3 of your new tank.
mengerin of San Jose, CA.

6) What do you mean, 'Did I let the tank cycle before I added all those fish?'
kaiyokanman28 of Aurora, Illinois

5) I should add a cleaner shrimp. My triggerfish might have parasites.
Jason Nugent of Dartmouth, NS, Canada

4) Hmmm... I'll just mix up a fresh batch of Instant Ocean to replace what evaporated.
kaiyokanman28 of Aurora, Illinois

3) Not finding Reef Central before starting your tank.
Simon Huntington of England, UK

2) But my LFS said this under gravel filter is all I need.
Darren Hoglund of Coquitlam, BC. Canada

1) Tap water - if it's good enough for me, it's good enough for my tank.
Kevin Kuykendall of Valencia, California

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