Greetings Reefkeeping readers! With this issue we begin a new turnover with the magazine, now featuring a completely re-worked editorial staff.

It is with great delight that I announce that I've immediately let go Skip Attix, the previous Managing Editor and replaced him with myself. Skip was much too involved here and was sometimes known to spend hours on end working on this magazine. We will have no such measley dedication while I'm here... I promise you. In this same vein, we are currently reviewing the job performance of John Link and may possibly retain him on the board of Advisors or possibly he is more suited for the janitorial staff. However, this is not guaranteed.

Effective beginning with the May issue, all articles in Reefkeeping will be featuring 1/4 page ads. We'd like to welcome our first new premier sponsor: Swiss P!ss. Their fine line of aquarium additives, featuring Reef Shake, is second to none. Recent additive studies by several well-respected authors have shown Reef Shake to be the industry leader in its category by providing essential enzymes attracted by the magnetic forces radiated by all coral reef organisms.

Our second sponsor to sign up is Divine Underwater Figurines. Seen here in our favorite pose is their latest figurine for the modern coral reef aquarium: Dolly the Mermaid. Just imagine having that in your reef tank! The emerald green color, as well as the yellowish blonde hair, will surely add some wonderful color so often desired by reefkeepers. Click on the image below for a full sized version of this beauty.

Additionally, in a move to help support our sponsors, the magazine will be moving back to the old Reef Central server. The new editorial staff has determined that the new RC server is too fast and allows too many people to view the pages without wading through the commercial messages so graciously provided by our sponsors. This will not be allowed any longer! We are certain that this is best, both for you, and for the magazine.

click here for full size picture

We sincerely hope that many of you are pleased that we have discontinued the feature: ReefSlides. This is nothing more than 'eye candy,' pure and simple. No such content will be featured in this magazine from this point going forward. We will be concentrating on the more common, everyday tank that most of our readers have. Note the new type of pictures we will be running on the Table of Contents page.

Enjoy the new magazine...

Senior Editor

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