To: The Editor, Reefkeeping Magazine,

Just wanted to tell you about the great deal I got on Live Rock from the wonderful people at the All About Shrooms coral store in Alamogordo, New Mexico. My paper route makes me buy reef items on a limited budget so I am always searching for bargains. Imagine my good fortune when I found I could get beautiful live rock for only fifty cents a pound from All About Shrooms (AAS).

This fully cured LR is sold direct by AAS and is imported from the Bikini atoll in the pacific. It is like no LR I have ever seen. I guess the most amazing thing is the pretty greenish blue glow it gives off after you turn off your lights. There is no need for any elaborate moon light at night.

Equally appealing is that, although I live in the north, I have no need for a aquarium heater. The tank stays warm all by itself and I imagine I will need a chiller when summer comes. On top of all that the people at AAS said it is a rich source of Strontium 90 that is not normally found in such abundance in most LR. That means no more expensive additives to buy! Finally, they also told me that you never see ick in a tank that uses their LR. I’d love to send you a picture of my tank and this LR but something appears to be wrong with my camera. So far, all the pics I took have fogged film for some strange reason. I guess it is time for a digital.

I think next I will buy some of their live sand. It to is unique as it has a glassy look that sets it apart from most LS.

Well, I could go on and on but my Mom is taking me to the doctor. She is concerned that I am getting so bald at only 11. Hope everyone will take advantage of the bargains at AAS.

Best Regards,


Thanks for writing. This is exactly the type of new sponsor we'd be looking for! Please send me a PM with more contact info.

Senior Editor

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