Top Ten Signs That It's Time To Buy A New Skimmer...

10) You know you need a new skimmer when your tank water is as dark as your skimmate.
Brian Conger of New Jersey

9) You start to actually like the smell of the skimmate.
Dave Bayne of St. Louis.

8) Your water looks like you run Iwasakis, but you actually use 10K bulbs.
Jason, Knoxville, TN.

7) The water in the collection cup is cleaner than the water in your tank...
T. Kirk of Los Alamos, New Mexico

6) They no longer make the type of pump you're using on your skimmer...
Who DaHeck of Macon, GA.

5) Your skimmer is affectionately called a "sea clown."
Jay M. of Baton Rouge, LA.

4) Your skimmer is set up right next to your undergravel filter plate...
Tina Grimes of Denver, CO.

3) Your skimmer is featured in a saltwater magazine's "remember when" section...
Ed Champlain of Wichita, Kansas.

2) The president is younger than your skimmer...
K. Shang of N.Y.

1) You can't even sell your skimmer on eBay.
Kevin Kuykendall of Valencia, CA.

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