Welcome to the new format of Reefkeeping Magazine. Part of it is born out of necessity, and the other drive is thanks to the advent of web-based cell phones. We’ve discovered that more people are reading our magazine while they are on the go, and thus need smaller pages that load quickly. From this point forward, the images you see will fit your iPhone or Blackberry screen! No longer will there be a need for larger pictures, which saves on bandwidth.

Bandwidth has become a problem on the premiere site ReefCentral.com – Never before have so many people used the site to increase their knowledge for this hobby, and in an effort to make sure there is enough bandwidth for everyone, Reefkeeping Magazine will be provided in a less-taxing format. The thumbnails look great on smaller screens, and the option to click on those for larger images has been removed. In this way, we believe that your reading experience will be enhanced, and allow for even more growth in the future.

We would ask that our readers to “think green” and turn off those larger monitors. Instead, use those handheld PDAs and cellphones to keep up with the latest information we provide. And in honor of this new program, we ask that you turn off your lights today, letting your tank enjoy a day of darkness. As a group, if we all power off our lights, just think of the kilowatts hours we’ll save. For example, if 100,000 hobbyists use an average of 750w of light over their tanks for nine hours daily, we’d save 675,000 kWh. Think of all the good that we could do, saving that energy usage for another day. That amount of energy would power my home for 22.5 years. Remember, every time you turn off one of your seventeen pumps, a child in Africa gets a meal.

Happy reefing!

Marc Levenson (melev)
Managing Editor
PS: TOTM has been pulled. It pulls much too much bandwidth, and iPhone users complained loudly about lag time.

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