Rex Niedermeyer

I got started with my first freshwater aquarium in elementary school and my first marine tank by Jr. High. By High School I had decided to become a marine biologist and entered college with that thought in mind. After majoring in zoology for a couple of years, I made the mistake of looking into job opportunities for the field of marine biology. Deciding that I liked eating meals on a regular basis, I promptly switched my major to electrical engineering. Given that I am 6'4" and 260 lbs, I do not think I have missed too many meals so my career decision was probably a good one, but my passion for marine critters continues to this day. I've now been keeping marine tanks for almost 35 years and reef tanks for nearly 15. It was only natural that I try merging my engineering background with my interest in marine tanks, and the result is a nuts and bolts functional approach to designing and operating these marine systems. I currently reside in the San Francisco Bay area and help organize and edit the newsletter for the local group SEABay (Saltwater Enthusiast Association of the Bay area).

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