Mike Kirda

Photo courtesy of Eric Borneman.

Mike has been in the hobby since 1991. His first tank, an All-Glass 75-gallon, was going continuously for ten years. With his recent move, he graduated to an Oceanic 120-gallon reef ready system complete with a basement sump. He has been following several topics of interest in the scientific journals over the past few years, including coral reproduction, sandbeds and nutrient cycles, as well as marine resource planning. He was able to go to Bali in 2000 to attend the 9th Coral Reef Symposium, as well as dive on a few remote atolls. An avid early reader of rec.aquaria (predecessor to RAMR), Mike has been a frequent contributor to Reef-l and Reefkeepers mailing lists. His latest trip, to the Philippines this time, gave him the opportunity to see net-caught fishermen in action in two separate locations. His other hobby is underwater photography.

You can communicate with Mike at his author forum at Reef Central.

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