Lauren Vernese


Lauren Vernese is just beginning her dive into the world of aquaria. Although she has grown up in a house that has always had a tank, either reef or fresh, she is just beginning to discover for herself the intrigue that aquariums have to offer. Before even taking her first class at Penn State University, she decided to become a volunteer at the well-known HUB fish tank - a 500-gallon, captivating reef tank. Through this position, she heard of a professor, Ken Feldman, who was looking for assistance in research dealing with aquaria. She now spends her summer away from her home in Bucks County, PA, living in State College and working daily in the department of Chemistry at Penn State on this research.

Working in the chemistry lab and doing this research is not so far off from what Lauren wants her future to hold. She is perusing a career in science - interested in becoming a physician or an equine vet. When she is not busy studying for classes during the school year or working during her summers, Lauren's favorite way to relax is by riding and taking care of her 15 year old quarter horse, whom she has had for over eight years. In the near future, she and her father will undertake installing a 215-gallon reef tank - an activity she is very excited to be able to take part in, thanks to the knowledge that she has gained over the past year.

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