Henry C. Schultz III

Henry (right side) and his wife

As an amateur aquarist Henry C. Schultz III has been around aquariums for 20 years, 15 of which were marine tanks. Credit goes to his father for getting him involved in the hobby. It was a FO 55-gallon aquarium with two clownfish and a yellow tang. Early on it was more of a fascination, but soon the fascination grew into a passion.

Now with three saltwater reef tanks, he has successfully bred Banggai Cardinals, Orchid Dottybacks, Green-banded Gobies, Red-Headed Gobies, and Banded Pipefish. More than anything, Henry loves to see pairs of fish spawning in his tanks.

In 1996 Henry was introduced to the Internet and has since volunteered countless hours on numerous Bulletin Boards. He was a consultant to the Aqua Link web forum when he helped co-found Reef Central in 1999. He remains an active participant and moderator at Reef Central. Most recently, Henry has founded the Central Illinois Marine Aquarists, a local reef club.

Henry is available for questions at the Fish Care forum at Reef Central.

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