Gregory S. Taylor

A fish in another life, Greg feeds his incessant need for saltwater by keeping 180-gallon and 150-gallon reef tanks, diving as often as he can in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, and volunteering as a diver at the Florida Aquarium.

"The obsession" took root for Greg about eight years ago after becoming a certified diver. Greg started out with a small 40-gallon tank and a few damsels. As his interest in the hobby grew, so did the number of tanks and their occupants. Now, his 180-gallon reef inhabitants regularly breed and multiply.

Greg has spent countless hours surfing the various reef related forums, spending most of his time early on at Aqualink and gradually spending more and more time on Reef Central.

Living in the Tampa Bay area isn't close enough to the reef, but it will have to do for now. He is joined by his wife, Vicki who is an author of contemporary fiction and their miniature American Eskimo, Pie. Greg pays for his addiction by consulting for various software development companies. From his home, Greg oversees an intricate network of computers that houses several websites, including SaltyZoo, where you can find even more about Greg and his affection for the underwater environment.

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