Greg Hiller

Greg Hiller has been active in the reefkeeping hobby since 1996, starting out in the early days using Compuserve's Fishnet forum as a troubleshooting resource. The lessons learned online from experienced aquarists resulted in such rapid coral growth in his tanks that he needed to learn and develop techniques of coral propagation/fragmentation. Greg has raised several species of marine fish and propagated dozens of species of soft and hard corals, and anemonies/corallimorphs. Greg is a founding member of the Boston Reefer's Society (BRS) and was a member of the board of directors for several years. As a frequent monthly meeting speaker, Greg has helped educate and contribute to the success of many Boston area hobbyists.

Greg holds a Ph.D. in chemical/biochemical engineering from U.C. Berkeley which he believes has contributed to his success in the reefkeeping hobby. Understanding the basics of chemistry, combined with biology and engineering have helped with numerous fishy-type projects from raising seahorses to building calcium reactors. Greg has authored a number of articles for online hobbyist publications, most dealing with chemistry aspects of the hobby. Greg currently works for a major biotechnology company in the bioreactor process development group.

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