Dwayne Sapp

Dwayne Sapp has been an avid hobbyist involved in saltwater tanks for a little over 3 years. He started out reading Aqualink and visiting LFS. His first tank was a 125-gallon AGA set up as a reef tank, which has gone through several transformations. His admiration of mandarins and the small critters in the tank stalled his progress in acquiring corals. Dwayne's endeavors to breed and raise mandarins led him into the world of 'grow it yourself' phytoplankton. He has successfully helped dozens of aquarists set up phytoplankton culture stations.

Dwayne is an active member in TCMAS (Twin Cities Marine Aquarium Society). He is also a native Texan and often questions the wisdom of living in Minnesota, where he resides with his wife and three boys. Dwayne is a Senior Application Engineer for the leading Fiber-To-The-Home manufacturer. Because his business travels allow him to visit other reefers and LFS around the country, he can often be seen trying to explain to airport security personnel what exactly is in those plastic Baggies.

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