Anthony Rosario Calfo

Anthony Rosario Calfo was born in Hawaii and lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a lifelong aquarist and an aquarium industry professional that has worked the better part of the last decade as a commercial coral farmer and wholesaler, producing cultured reef invertebrates for the ornamental and zoological trade. In a greenhouse environment, he has witnessed such blessed wonders as spawning Tridacnid clams and Cassiopeia jellyfish growing from medusae to adulthood. After selling his mariculture facilities and retail store, he has worked as a writer self-publishing fiction and non-fiction material for Reading Trees Publications ( He has authored the reef aquariology title, Book of Coral Propagation, Vol. 1 Reef Gardening for Aquarists and will release the second volume of the series in 2003 after the release of a somber, non-hobby title dealing with issues of child abuse in late 2002.

He is also a mentor and regular content provider on Bob Fenner's Wet Web Media where he can be reached via e-mail daily for advise and shared opinions as part of the WWM crew. Anthony also enjoys visiting aquarium societies to participate in workshops and to offer presentations on the exciting endeavor of coral propagation and reef aquariology.

In 1994 he co-founded the Pittsburgh Marine Aquarist Society with the inimitable Bob Dolan. He was schooled at Carnegie-Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh, and has a BA in English Literature. Other interests include African felids, music and studio arts.

Anthony can be reached through Reef Central, Wet Web Media or personally at Reading Trees:

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