Alan Norris

Alan Norris aka EnglishRebel was born in Birmingham, England and moved to the United States  in 1978 on a 12 month contract as a Project Engineer for the construction of a manufacturing facility.  He was like the proverbial distant cousin who came to stay and never left.  Having decided that he wanted to participate in the wonderful (and sometimes frustrating) American political system, he became a citizen in 1988 --  having proved to the immigration officer that July 4th really was Thanksgiving (England giving thanks for getting rid of those pesky colonies), and that he did know what the three branches of government were, and could write and speak English, well  -- the other English that is.  He now lives in the Piedmont area of North Carolina where he is semi-retired from his engineering consulting company.

Having been seduced by Reef Central to embrace the black art of keeping a reef aquarium, he is fully engaged in the concepts of 'patience, more patience, money, and more money' (ask his wife if you don't believe it).  Although his level of experience was previously limited to a 10 gallon Gourami tank back in the Olde Country, he has dived in (figuratively speaking) at the deep end of saltwater aquariumsand started out with a large (and some would say) complicated system, well - he is an engineer.  His other interests are restoring classic cars ( having wrote an article on the trials and tribulations of restoring a 1964 Triumph TR4 for a well known British magazine),  woodworking, and computers -- having been an Apple convert since 2008.