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Jon Garner

Jon Garner is an amateur aquarist with about 25 years experience in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Jon's father used to take him to the county dump where he would scavenge through the goodies and take stuff home to take apart, see how it was made and then make it work again or make something else out of it, so he has been sort of DIY'ing for a long time. He has even built a 400-gallon saltwater tank, which is in his basement. It has approximately 30 damsels of various kinds and three Convict blennys (Pholidichthys leucotaenia). Raising Caulerpa has been simplified with this tank too.

Jon has built his own dual-chamber calcium reactors, top-off devices, waste collectors and lots more for both his tank and his wife's 200-gallon saltwater tank. Solving problems and making things bigger and better and making them himself is what he loves doing.

Jon is married and has four sons and two grandkids. He lives on the side of a mountain in the country so when he is making noise with his saws and drills at 2 AM nobody is around to care.

Jon is available for questions at the DIY forum at Reef Central. Be sure you check out Jon’s web site and DIY section for lots of great ideas and information.